Megalophobia is the fear of large objects.

Megalophobia is not a phobia in the usual clinical sense as people with megalophobia typically do not preemptively fear large objects, but they can get startled and can get panic attacks by the appearance of large objects. Frightening objects are most often man made structures and less often natural occurring objects like hills. Even knowing that a large object will appear will typically not help the megalophobic.

Examples of megalophobic events/symptoms include the patient being outside and hears an approaching airplane, looks up and expect to see an airplane, but when the patient sees the plane the plane is larger and/or closer than suspected and the patient gets startled and/or experiences a panic attack. Turning a corner and seeing a large structure like a windmill; nuclear power plant; oil refinery; crane;

Sufferes of Megalophobia can typically visit large cities like Manhattan, and be awestruck with the size of buildings, but not suffer from anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Seeing small unexpected objects will not trigger the panic attack. For a megalophobia event to occur both surprise and large objects has present.

Symptoms (similar to that of all other extreme phobias) can include, but are not limited to acute panic attack, breathing difficulty, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, and nausea. Sometimes, these feelings can become overwhelming.

Treatment for megalophobia is similar for that of all other phobias. Exposure to the stimulus is thought to be the most effective treatment, but deliberate slow, even breathing can help as well in some cases, as practiced in hypnotherapy.